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In VALLEVISIO & OPTICAMERCAT, we are experts in caring for your visual health.

We always provide personalized advice to find the optimal solution to your problems, all thanks to the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

In our optics, we offer you a wide range of options such as visual therapies, myopia control, retina studies, and lens adaptation, among others.

At VALLEVISIO & OPTICAMERCAT, we have a wide variety of frames. We invite you to choose the one that best suits you and your style.

Detailed Prescription for Glasses and Lenses

Guidance in Choosing Glasses

Hearing Check and Hearing Aid Adaptation

For more than 15 years, we have been providing audiology services, and our experience in the sector speaks for itself.

We conduct a comprehensive hearing check, known as “audiometry,” and if necessary, we offer adaptation of the latest hearing aids, whether conventional or invisible, with cutting-edge digital technology.

Visual and Auditory Health News

Visit our news section to stay informed about the latest in auditory and visual technology, along with the information we share.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

To protect your eyes from the sun, here are some tips:

Childhood Myopia

If your child has myopia, don’t worry, the important thing is to correct it and prevent it from getting worse.

How to Care for Your Hearing Aids in Winter

As winter arrives, we need to take extra care of our hearing aids.

Satisfied Customers

Years of Experience


Our Optics and Audiology Services

Visual Health

Comprehensive Visual Examination, Tonometry, Topography, Retinography

Optical Products

Frames, Types of Lenses, Protection Filters, Sunglasses

Progressive Lenses

Specialists in Adaptation, Progressive, Anti-fatigue

Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Adaptation, Disposable, Daily, Monthly, Multifocal, Keratoconus…

Hearing Health

Complete Examination, Hearing Aid Specialists, Special Cases, Tinnitus, Accessories and Plugs.

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What Our Customers Say

“Very good service, and the treatment by Inma and Juan is unbeatable. Very friendly and concerned about the well-being of their clients. Thank you.”

Micky Morales

“I recommend the optician to everyone; they are very professional, advise you in everything, and always help you choose the glasses that suit you best (Inma is the best in the world at this). They are always very attentive. If you have any doubts or problems with your glasses or contact lenses, they are always there for you and help you in everything. It has been my reference optician for many years, and I will always go, just like my family. We are delighted. Do not hesitate to go!”

Cristina F.

Our Locations

Vallès visio optica

Ctra. de Barcelona, 681

08204 Sabadell, Barcelona

L’Óptica Mercat

Carrer del Pintor Murillo, 85, A

08210 Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona

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